Millies Trust – Campaign to train all nursery staff in Paediatric First Aid

Millies Trust - Campaign to train all nursery staff in Paediatric First AidThe death of Millie Thompson in 2013 at a Manchester nursery has forced a Westminster debate on making first aid training compulsory for all child care and nursery staff.

More than 100,000 people signed the e-petition started by Dan and Joanne Thompson after their nine-month-old baby Millie died after choking on food at the Ramillies Hall nursery in Stockport two years ago. They are campaigning to make such training readily available for minimal costs and in as many places as possible.

It emerged during the hearing that Millie suffered a rare complication as a result of the choking in which air was able to get into her partially blocked airway but not out. The trapped air placed pressure on her heart which led to a fatal cardiac arrest.

Millies Trust Urges Paediatric First Aid to be made compulsory

Mrs Thompson, who set up Millie’s Trust with her husband Dan, said she wanted to see the training become compulsory.

“It should be taught in schools too – there are countries in Europe that actually have this built into their curriculum already. “First aid is massively important and I cannot believe how little importance it is given in our education system.”

The EYFS states that there must be a paediatric first aider available at all times and that childcarers should take into account the number of children, staff and the layout to ensure a first aider is able to respond to emergencies quickly.

The inquest heard that Ofsted had the power to issue enforcement notices to schools which did not meet the bare first aid requirements and ultimately it could prosecute under the Child Care Act 2006 over a failure to meet welfare requirements.

Millie’s Trust has already saved dozens of lives and the trust receives emails from all over the country from people who have attended a paediatric first aid course and have had to put their skills put to the test.

Millies Trust campaigns to train ALL nursery nurses in Paediatric First Aid

Following the death of Millie Thompson in December 2013 – Millie’s parents are now campaigning to have it made law that everyone working in a nursery MUST be trained in Paediatric First Aid.

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