Terms and Conditions of Liverpool Training Solutions

Health and Safety

Terms and Conditions for Liverpool Training SolutionsWith most of the training courses we deliver there will be some element of physical activity required from the delegates.

It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that their candidates are able to attend the course without having any impact on their health and that they are free from any condition that may affect their capability.

You must inform us at the time of booking of any special requirements or needs of a delegate who will be attending a course booked with us.


Payment for any course that we show on this website should be made within 2 weeks of confirming your training course requirements with us. All course bookings will be classed as provisionally booked until payment has been received. We do not operate a 30 day payment policy and keep our prices as low as possible to meet your training budget.


Bookings can be made by letter, telephone or e-mail. Once you have confirmed the booking details with Liverpool Training Solutions it is deemed that you accept these Terms and Conditions.


Certificates will not be issued until payment has been received and cleared by our accounts. The cost of the certificate is included within the course fee. We will respond to copy certificate requests – this must be made in writing to us.

Due to the fact that the loss or destruction of a certificate is a serious matter, we can only issue a replacement certificate if we can establish that the applicant has obtained the relevant qualification. There is a fee for replacing certificates the current fee is set at £25 per application.

Certificates received by all clients must be checked for spelling mistakes, missing certificates or other errors within 7 days. You must notify us within 7 days in order for us to make the amendments. We will only use the wording for delegate names given to us from the completed delegate list on the day. We are not responsible for incorrect information entered on to the Delegates list on the day of training and any cost incurred due to certificate re-issues will be met by the client.

Cancellation – terms and conditions

Liverpool Training Solutions reserves the right to cancel the dates or alter services, but we will give as much notice as possible. In the event of a cancellation Liverpool Training Solutions will try and transfer the booking to the next mutually convenient date unless the client states otherwise.

If the booking is cancelled by the client the following fees will be payable.

  • 4 weeks notice – no charge
  • Less than 4 weeks notice – 30% of the cost
  • Less than 2-3 weeks notice – 50% of the cost
  • Less than 1-2 weeks notice – 75% of the cost
  • Less than 1 weeks notice – 100% of the cost

Any cancellation of a confirmed booking you have made must be made in writing and is subject to a £10 administration charge. The full fee’s policy is available on request.

Course Attendance

Delegates must adhere to the schedule of the training course which will be confirmed with you prior to the delivery date of the training. Delegates who fail to attend the full duration of the course may result in the delegate’s removal from the final examination (where applicable).

Data Protection

Liverpool Training Solutions are committed to upholding the eight Data Protection Principles of good information handling practice.

The Principles state that:

1. The information to be contained in personal data shall be obtained, and personal data shall be processed, fairly and lawfully.

2. Personal data shall be held only for one or more specified and lawful purposes.

3. Personal data held for any purpose or purposes shall not be used or disclosed in any manner incompatible with that purpose or those purposes.

4. Personal data held for any purpose or purposes shall be adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to that purpose or those purposes.

5. Personal data shall be accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date.

6. Personal data held for any purpose or purposes shall not be kept for longer than is necessary for that purpose or those purposes.

7. An individual shall be entitled:

  • At reasonable intervals and without undue delay or expense –
  • To be informed by any Data User whether he holds personal data of which that individual is the subject;
  • To have access to any such data held by a Data User; and
  • Where appropriate, to have such data corrected or erased.

8. Appropriate security measures shall be taken against unauthorised access to, or alteration, disclosure or destruction of, personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of personal data.