Managing Challenging Behaviour

Managing Challenging Behaviour – A person’s behaviour can be defined as “challenging” if it puts them or those around them, (such as their carer), at risk or leads to poorer quality of life. It can also impact on their ability to join in everyday activities. Challenging behaviour can include aggression, self-harm, destructiveness and disruptiveness.

Challenging behaviour is often seen in people with conditions that affect communication and the brain, such as learning disabilities or dementia.

Managing Challenging behaviour Training in LiverpoolCommunication is the main way we interact and express our needs, likes and dislikes. If communication is a problem then it can be very frustrating for the person involved and may result in challenging behaviour. If this behaviour leads to a desired outcome, it may be repeated again and again.

The Managing Challenging Behaviour course is designed to increase awareness of the types, causes, signs, symptoms of challenging behaviour, and will focus on the care and understanding of a service user. This course will give appropriate skills and techniques that can be used when dealing with the challenging behaviour of the service user.

Training will ensure that delegates are aware of the different types of challenging behaviour and are equipped to manage each situation appropriately. They will understand the triggers and impacts which can be caused by challenging behaviour and will be prepared to deal with such outcomes. 

Managing Challenging Behaviour training for Care Homes in Liverpool Course aims:

The overall aim of the course is to help staff to look for more creative ways of managing or resolving challenging behaviour by helping delegates to understand the relationship between an elderly residents life story and the triggers and precedents that manifest as challenging behaviour.

Who is this course for:
Managers, Matrons, Nurses,  and all frontline care staff such as domiciliary care staff, social workers and direct support workers who are in contact with service users who have challenging behaviour.

If you work in or manage a care home you know that the ability to diffuse and manage conflict is vital. Aggressive and challenging behaviour can occur at any time, which is why it’s imperative to give your care staff effective training. Training Course Solutions deliver expert conflict resolution training and associated courses for care homes – office staff and managers as well as direct care professionals – helping you to manage and reduce risk.

We can deliver this course to any Care Home sector organisation in Liverpool – directly in your workplace for up to 12 delegates.

Half Day (4 Hours)  – We are flexible with Start times to accommodate the needs of your business. Please feel free to discuss your timings with us.

Course Content:
Our training enables delegates to have awareness and understanding of the reasons why a person may present challenging behaviour and how to deal with the situation in a confident manner. Course content includes:

  • Understanding Anger and Challenging Behaviour
  • Triggers and Causes
  • Managing Anger and Challenging Behaviour
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Defusing & Containing Aggression
  • Adopting a Person Centred Approach
  • Cultural awareness
  • Reducing the risks
  • Violence in the Workplace
  • Personal Safety
  • Dealing with the aftermath of an incident
  • The Important of reporting incidents to identify patterns and sequence of behaviour
  • Group discussion

Assessment and Certification:
Managing challenging behaviour training for care home organisationsContinual assessment throughout the course by the tutor will be ongoing and a multiple choice assessment paper will be completed by the delegates.

A certificate of attendance will be issued to all delegates on successful completion of the course which is valid for 3 years.

For more information on Managing Challenging Behaviour please visit the Skills For Care pages on this subject.

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