Fire Warden Training Wirral

Fire Warden Training Wirral – The Fire Warden training (or Fire Marshal, as it is also referred to as) is designed to give in-depth fire training that every employee requires. This course can be delivered in your workplace anywhere on the Wirral. Our Fire Warden Training covers the role of the designated fire marshal. It also gives you the opportunity to learn about the different types of fire extinguisher and how to use them correctly.

Our Fire Warden Training complies with the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 and Health & Safety legislation.

Fire Warden Training Wirral - Fire Training delivered directly in your workplaceWe can help prepare you for emergency situations and we offer fire warden training tailored for individual circumstances such as for disabled staff, or if you work with the very young or the elderly, or in a particular environment such as a construction site.

A Fire Warden’s role is absolutely critical in ensuring the safe evacuation of your staff in the event of a fire. Fire Wardens not only need to keep a calm head in an emergency but also need to carry out their duties effectively under pressure.

Fire Warden Training Wirral - delivered directly in your workplace and helping you meet your mandatory training requirements

Fire Warden Training Wirral – delivered directly in your workplace

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Did you know that we can also deliver the Fire Warden Training with Fire Extinguisher demonstration?

Fire Warden Training Wirral - For all business sectors on the WirralThe Fire Warden Training with Fire Extinguisher demonstration will be subject to access to an open area and provides you the basic skills and knowledge for ‘hands on use’ of a fire extinguisher.

The Fire Warden training with Fire Extinguisher demonstration extends the training from the classroom to an open area which will engage the delegates. Although we do not train in a ‘live Fire’ scenario it is beneficial that staff have a good practical demonstration in discharging the equipment and having hands on experience in an outdoor environment.

A group booking for up to 10 delegates for Fire Warden Training with Fire Extinguisher demonstration is only £465.00 +Vat.

Fire Warden training Wirral covers the latest Health and Safety legislation and the requirements of “The Fire Regulatory Reform Act 2005”. We can deliver this training directly in your workplace. Our group booking for up to 4-10 delegates is only £425.00 +Vat. Call us on 0151 515 0416 to book your training.

For external useful information on fire safety in the workplace please visit the GOV.UK website, The best place to find government services and information:


Fire Warden Training Wirral

This course can be delivered anywhere on the Wirral and across the Merseyside area including:

  • Tarran Industrial Estate
  • Argyle Industrial Estate
  • Pasture Road Industrial Estate
  • Wirral International Business Park
  • Lumina Business Park
  • Riverside Business Park

For more information on our Fire Warden training Wirral delivered on the Wirral and Merseyside area, please email us or why not call us on 0151 515 0416 and speak to one of our experienced staff.