How to become a childcare provider or childminder

What is a childminder or child carer?

How to become a childmindera registered Childminder is a childcare professional working in their own home to provide care and education for other people’s children in a family setting.

They have to be inspected and registered by Ofsted (the Office for Standards in Education) in England, the SCC in Scotland (Scottish Commission for the regulation of Care in Scotland), the CSSIW in Wales (Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales), or the HSE (Health Services Executive) in Ireland.

Registered childminders are not employed by the parents but are self-employed and take care of their own tax and national insurance contributions.

What hours do Childminders work?

A registered Childminder is flexible and will work to the hours that you need, some will work around shift patterns, some will even care for children overnight and on Bank Holidays and weekends. Some will have children before and after school and in the school holidays. Some will offer part time care. This makes Childminding a valuable childcare option for parents.

Should a Childminder be qualified?

All Registered Childminders in England are legally required to complete a pre-registration briefing session and must have completed a local authority approved training course to help them understand and implement the EYFS before they can register with Ofsted. Some local authorities require them to sit an English and Maths test before starting the course. They must also complete a 12 hour Paediatric First Aid Course and gain a certificate as part of their registration.

Many childminders have more qualifications, some are qualified nursery nurses and many childminders have NVQ Training in Childcare and Education and degrees. They have access to lots of various courses to improve their knowledge and standards of care. They work hard to provide your child with lots of care, fun and learning.

Can a Man become a Registered Childminder?

Yes they certainly can and many areas are keen to encourage men into childcare. There are no differences in the way they are registered.

Do I need any special qualifications?

Yes, you are legally required to complete a pre-registration briefing session and you must have completed a local authority approved training course to help you understand and implement the EYFS before you can register with Ofsted. Some local authorities require you to sit an English and Maths test before starting the course.

What else do I need to do?

You will have to apply for a DBS (formerly known as CRB) disclosure and ask your doctor to complete a medical check for you before registering.

Obviously you need to enjoy working with children and be able to provide stimulating play opportunities in a safe environment. You should understand equal opportunities and welcome and provide for the needs of children from differing backgrounds and abilities. You also need to be able to work with parents for the good of the children and be aware how children develop and learn. You will also have to keep attendance registers and records.

You should be prepared to consider doing more training in the future, that will help you provide good quality childcare.

How many children can I care for?

This will depend on how many children of your own you have and their ages. It will also depend on the size of your home as there are special child/space ratios – In England, under the Early Years Foundation Stage Welfare Requirements there is a specific child to space ratio as below:

Under 2 years – 3.5 square metres per child

Two year olds – 2.5 square metres per child

Children aged 3-5 – 2.3 square metres per child

You cannot include storage areas, hallways, landings, cloakrooms, utility rooms, kitchens or bathrooms in this allowance.

I’ve been told I will need special insurance is that right?

As a childminder you will need Public Liability Insurance. You should also ensure your own house and contents insurer know that you are running a business from home, some do not charge an excess, however some do. If you plan to use your car for carrying the minded children then you should also tell that insurer too as you need special business class insurance.

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